Psychology of Adjustment

I have uploaded info from the textbook. Textbook: Moritsugu, J., Vera, E. M., Jacobs, J. H., & Kennedy, M. (2017). Psychology of adjustment: The search for meaningful balance. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. My Decision-Making Plan: Part I In Unit VII, you will submit an essay based on the content covered in Units VI and VII. For Unit VI, you will complete Part I of the assignment. In Part I, you will apply what you have learned about money and financial literacy to create a 20-year plan for future success. How might financial goals influence your personal motivation? Your submission should be two to three pages in length and include at least three concepts from your reading in this unit. In Part II, which will be due in Unit VII, we will discuss goals for successful aging, so please confine your Unit VI discussion to money and financial goal setting. Utilize your textbook and at least one source from the CSU Online Library as a reference. APA formatting is required; please reach out to the Writing Center in advance if you need help with matters of academic composition.