Psychosocial development

Timeline assignment-worth up to 100 points is from your life and is written to reflect your stories about

how you successfully or unsuccessfully resolved the psychosocial crisis for each of Erik Erikson’s stages-all eight. Write how you hope to resolve the crisis for life stages you have not lived yet such as in middle adulthood & later stages.
an example of your cognitive ability that represents your personal experience in each of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development-all of the main four-not necessary to use subdivisions of the stages.
Give three examples to reflect each of Kohlberg’s levels of moral development.
Review Piaget, Erikson and Kohlberg and look closely at the stages of development to understand and think about appropriate examples of you as your development relates to Erikson’s psychosocial development and Piaget’s cognitive development as well as Kohlberg’ moral development.