Public Health

Develop a proposal for taking community action on the Social Determinant of Health you have identified. (a photo of the social determinant of health is included along with a paragraph to explain it.) Direction: 1. Please include a cover page in APA format that includes: the title of your proposal, your name, the date. 2. You will address your action proposal to the City of Chicago Health Commissioner. 3. Think about some action strategies you would use to make the community aware of your negative SDOH and how can you reduce the harmful effects of the SDOH on individuals and communities? Please include the following sections/address these questions in your Action Proposal: 1. Why is your SDOH important? (Explain and use at least one supporting statistic – either local or global – cited from a credible source in APA format to justify why this is an important issue) 2. How does your SDOH affect the health of individuals? 3. How does your SDOH affect the health and lives of communities? 4. Describe at least three actions that can be taken by the City of Chicago to reduce the harmful effects. 5. What is at least one strategy you suggest the city uses to increase awareness of your proposed actions? 6. Where should the community actions take place and which actors need to be involved to implement the actions and how will they contribute? (ex: Government / legislative leaders? Health system? Community leaders? School system? Private sector? NGOs? Who else…?)