Public Health Nursing (Epidemiology)

Write a scholarly paper discussing a communicable disease, demonstrating knowledge of epidemiologic principles and the community health nurse’s role in disease surveillance, including case finding, data collection, reporting, and evaluation.
Write a scholarly paper on a salmonellosis (salmonella infection). The paper should be at least 1,500 words not including cover page. abstract (required), appendix, and reference pages. The abstract is limited to 1 20 words. Include the following:
1 ) Present a brief clinical description of a communicable disease (including signs and symptoms, diagnostic methodb. treatment prevalence, incidence, and prognosis). 2) Provide an epidemiological description of the disease by selecting an appropriate epidemiologic 111111 (the EPI triangle or the web of causation) and apply it to the identified communicable disease. Include and label a diagram of the 11odel (Please put this diagram on the page before the reference pages). 3) Describe separately the agent, host, and environmental characteristics and the relationships between them. 4) Describe the impact of the disease from a global perspective by including statistics and effects/implications of the disease at the local, state, national, and international levels. 5) Based on available data, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of current public health education and prevention programs related to this disease by identifying gaps and areas of opportunity. Demonstrate decision making by proposing new interventions or programs that improve client outcomes by decreasing the prevalence or impact of the disease on a target population. 6) Describe the following roles of professional nursing regarding the surveillance of disease: case finding, reporting, data collection and analysis, and follow-up/evaluation. 7) Provide a minimum of four current professional references (within the last 5 years).