Public Health Practicum

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3DQ1 Healthy People 2020 calls for the various sectors in public health to “to strengthen policies and improve practices that are driven by the best available evidence and knowledge.” Applying an evidence-based approach to the work of public health is essential to meeting health goals and sustaining valuable resources. Describe the key elements of evidence-based public health (EBPH) and how they can be applied in public health. 3DQ2 Has your practicum site (home health) put evidence-based public health (EBPH) into practice? If so, in what way? If not, what have been some challenges to implementing EBPH? No research citations are required for this discussion question. 4DQ1 Describe an organizational barrier and a personal barrier to implementing evidence-based public health (EBPH). What are some strategies to overcome these barriers? 4DQ2 After reviewing the key elements of evidence-based public health (EBPH), what recommendations would you make to your practicum site (home health) regarding applying EBPH? No research citations are required for this discussion question. 5DQ1 Consider the following scenario: You are a program manager at a local public health department tasked with increasing physical activity of adults in your community. How would you begin the planning process? Outline five initial steps you would take in planning a strategy to address this issue. 5DQ2 Describe the nature of work of your practicum site (home health). Are there specific goals and objectives to be met? How does the organization measure effectiveness and quality of their services? No research citations are required for this discussion question. 6DQ1 Describe an issue or problem in public health that could be addressed with a policy change, including: 1. Who or what is affected by the current state of affairs and in what way? 2. What needs to be done differently to improve the problem/issue? 3. What type of policy (i.e., city/county/state ordinance, business/organizational policy) would you recommend? 6DQ2 Describe a policy or regulation that affects your practicum work and/or your practicum site’s work (home health). How do you and/or the organization regulate and monitor policy to ensure compliance? No research citations are required for this discussion question. 7DQ1 There are several leadership models that can be applied in health care and public health. Of particular interest is the servant leadership model. What is “servant leadership”? How does it differ from other models of leadership? 7DQ2 Review the assigned article “Character and Servant Leadership: Ten Characteristics of Effective, Caring Leaders.” Which of the 10 characteristics of a servant leader do you think most apply to public health? Why? 8DQ1 What is a community leader? Give some examples of types of community leaders in public health. What are characteristics of effective community leadership? 8DQ2 One of the attributes of a community leader is an ability to influence others toward some kind of action (e.g., join our coalition, give to our cause, and stop smoking). If you were recruiting new partners for a coalition to address childhood asthma, who would you approach? How would you articulate why they are needed?