Public Relation




Choose ONLY one of below topics to write:
1) Using two promotional texts (poster/video/advertisement/film) of your choosing, critically evaluate whether the texts are propaganda or public relations material.   Use academic theories of propaganda and PR to make your case.
2) Curtin and Gaither (2005) have asserted ‘a functional perspective allows public relations theorists to distance themselves from contested social meanings’ (93).  What do they mean by this statement and why is this increasingly difficult to justify in public relations?
3) Critically examine the view that propaganda only emerges in particular circumstances.
4) What is ‘churnalism’? In particular, does it mark a new phase in the relationship between journalists and public relations practitioners?
5) Promotional culture requires both emotional and identity labour for its part in neoliberal capitalism.  How is public relations implicated in this process?  Use examples of promotional material to help you make your case.
6) Arvidsson (2006) builds on Lury’s ideas (2004) to argue, ‘the brand works as a kind of ‘platform for action’ that is inserted into the social and works to ‘program’ the freedom of consumers to evolve in particular directions’ (74).  Critically evaluate public relations’ part in this process.
7) Examine the view that the celebrity is a human ‘pseudo-event’? Draw on relevant academic sources in your answer.