Putting Together a Bid Evaluation Committee

Assume you are the Purchasing Manager for a large municipality and have been tasked with putting together the evaluation committee for an upcoming Request for Proposal. The proposal is for a public-private partnership (PPP) to design, build and maintain a parking structure in the downtown core. This is a very expensive, important and politically sensitive project.

  1. While the parking structure is much needed, the community is extremely concerned about the aesthetics of the structure and the impact it will have on downtown. Residents are concerned that the building does not become an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful downtown. They are also concerned about any additional traffic congestion the parking structure might engender.
  2. The city does not have the funds necessary for the project, hence, the need for a private partner which would finance the entire project. PPP’s are notoriously difficult arrangements to make and certainly not the most popular among constituents.
  3. The downtown space is oddly shaped, being somewhat narrow in the centre, and sits on a steep gradient making this a challenging engineering and architectural project that would require some real creativity.
  4. The city is renowned for its sustainability achievements. This project is expected to further this agenda (Which obviously is not an easy task).
  5. This is also a time sensitive issue. You are expected to complete the entire process within a time frame that would normally be considered inadequate.
    Given the above scenario, answer the following questions. Remember your answers need to be a minimum of 100 words per question.
  6. How many members will your committee have a. Five b. Seven c. Nine How did you choose this specific number? Why not smaller or larger
  7. Who will be part of your team and what roles will they play? a. Will you leave any roles out? b. Will you add any additional roles?
  8. Who will you appoint as chair of your evaluation committee, Why? 4. How does your choice of committee size and membership affect the probability of you completing the RFP in the specified time frame?
  9. Based on this scenario and your decisions regarding your committee, what do you foresee as being the top three challenges that you will face during the RFP process?