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NUR610PBL-DE Module 4

QI/EBP Project Proposal Concept Application – Guidelines


• Continue fieldwork site assessment for QI/EBP project proposal in the direct or indirect health care setting selected. Examples: review of de-identified aggregate
data, meetings with fieldwork site liaison, meetings with other stakeholders, review policies or other appropriate standards, note types of patients/others served by
this site, note types of professionals/other personnel who provide services at this site, note the culture of the environment).
• Determine quality gap/ opportunity for improvement for project proposal– discuss with liaison for appropriateness.
• Develop a fishbone diagram related to the potential proposal issue that is in need of improvement.
• Develop a process flow diagram related to the potential proposal that identifies the process issues that are in need of improvement.
• Compare and contrast various measurement, monitoring, and evaluation tools used in the direct or indirect health care system related to the QI/EBP project proposal
considered and write a SMART aim statement.
• Review initial outcome data from which the gap was identified, to confirm or modify the outcomes measure(s) selected for the QI/EBP project proposal. Note if any
changes are needed.
• Review the above information with primary course faculty for support, feedback, and guidance.
• Begin/continue comprehensive literature review and appraisal of the scientific evidence for support of a substantial, innovative recommendation to propose.
• Work with an interprofessional team as appropriate to the project proposal development.