Quality Assurance Part 2: Proposing Quality Improvements

Evaluation of a serious lapse in patient safety and organizational quality. In Module 5, you examined several lapses that occurred in this situation. You conducted a review into the available best practice evidence to learn more about the three processes you selected. Now, in M7A1, you will use all that you have learned, as well as my feedback on Part 1, to focus on the Select component of the FOCUS PDCA Model.
This week, re-review the story of medical error Dennis and Kimberly Quaid’s infant twins experienced at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in 2007, your prior paper, and my feedback on that paper. Then address the following:
First, Select your solution. Describe your proposed solution. What would it entail?
Next, be sure that your solution addresses the following:
How do we use what we have learned to improve the organizational culture of safety and quality? In Module 5, you identified a team of people who could help fully understand what happened and/or assist in finding solutions. What role can interprofessional communication and/or collaboration play in preventing recurrences of this type of medical error? This medical error occurred in 2007. What technologies that have emerged since that time that could have impacted this case? Please share two technology examples.