Quanah Parker;Video Analysis

Your task is to analyze the choices made by Quanah Parker as “chief” of the Comanche people to safeguard his people. Keep in mind the Comanche were never a single tribe but a collection of diverse bands with a common language and culture who fought the Spanish, Mexicans, and Texans to preserve their lands and identity. Please focus on the consequences of Quanah’s choices and actions, his transformation over time, and how they impacted him as well as his people. In many respects Quanah represents the archetype hero, a lone battler, the underdog, the champion of his people, and the person who never gives up.

The Comanche fought a bloody guerilla war against encroachment on their land and loss of cultural identity. How did the loss of his father and family affect him and shape his decisions? Not all Comanche chose to fight and some moved on to the reservation. Why did Quanah refuse to settle on the reservation in the beginning and later change his position? Did responsibilities for his people influence that choice?

The theme of transformation and conversion, both individual and collective, is present throughout the life of Quanah and the Comanche people as a whole. The story of Quanah Parker is an example of subjective historical experience. That means there are many interpretations of the story. Your essay will be critiqued upon your ability to explain the consequences of his choices. What other options did he have? Did his decisions help or harm his people? How did his choices and circumstances benefit his people? What impact did his decisions have upon him and the place in history?

Do not plagiarize material from websites or other papers since your essay will be scanned by anti-plagiarism software called turnitin.com. Plagiarism is defined in Wikipedia and other sources as: “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” Since it is a form of cheating, the consequence of the action will be a zero for the assignment.