Quantitative Research Methods for Business Project (40%)

Read the following research article (find it via the QMUL library website): Brynin, M., & Güveli, A. (2012). Understanding the ethnic pay gap in Britain. Work, employment and society, 26(4), 574-587.
Based on this article, write a 1000-word report. Your report should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the main argument of the article?
  2. What does the literature reviewed in the article suggest about what we know and do not
    know about the causes of ethnic pay disparities in Britain?
  3. What hypothesis or hypotheses do the authors test?
  4. What methods do the authors use to test these?
  5. Are the methods chosen suitable to the hypotheses tested? What limitations, if any, do these methods place on interpretation?
  6. What are the paper’s major findings? In addition to describing this in general, you also need to be specific, formally interpreting at least one regression coefficient (one that links the key independent and dependent variables).
    You should ensure that your submission is in either Microsoft Word, PDF or Excel where specifically instructed by your tutor e.g. accounting modules.

Failure to submit in either one of these formats will result in a mark of 0 being awarded for the particular assessment. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the file format is correct and it can be opened by the receiving party.
Academic Integrity
What is academic integrity?
Academic integrity simply means that you act honestly when you submit a piece of work for marking and avoid committing any form of assessment offence. By acting honestly we expect that you avoid cheating or plagiarising and maintain high academic standards.
Students found to have plagiarised or committed an assessment offence of any nature will be penalised and penalties can range from failing the module to failing the entire programme of study and exiting without any award.
The University uses Turnitin which is a plagiarism detection service tool where you can upload your work which helps you to reference your work correctly when you write an essay, report or case study for example. Turnitin will compare the work you submit with stored
resources (e.g. from both contemporary and previous submissions, reference texts / periodicals / books and the internet).
For each piece of work submitted Turnitin provides two things:

  1. A similarity index, which indicates the percentage of the submitted paper that Turnitin has identified as matching other sources.
  2. An originality report, which shows each of these matches in more detail, including the source(s) that Turnitin has found.