Questionnaire Development & Understanding

You are asked to do an email survey of BT workers. The company has a database that provides the names and email addresses of every employee.
The HR department is particularly interested in the following issues:

a) Is there a correlation between job insecurity, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and other individual characteristics of employees at BT?

b) How much negative influence does job insecurity have on job satisfaction and commitment of employees?

Your assignment consists of three tasks:
1) Develop a questionnaire in which you ask all the information you need for the proposed study; explain and justify from a theoretical point of view the hypotheses you would test and the choices you make in designing your questionnaire with validated scales (no more than 1000 words, not counting the questionnaire itself).

2) Outline which statistical techniques you would use in your analyses and why (no more than 500 words).

3) Discuss the factors that might adversely affect the validity of the results of your study (no more than 500 words).