Choose ONE of the below questions

● Find a historically relevant event that reflected the country’s views on race. Then, review the past year and this current presidential season/election process. How has race changed from this historical event to now. For the better? For the worse? Can any lessons from the past be learned to improve our current state of racism?

● Choose a 30-minute sitcom that was created in the past 10 years. Watch (2-3) episodes so that you have enough research. Do you notice any racial representations? If so, what? Then choose and older :30 minute sitcom. Something from at least 20 years ago. Watch several episodes. Do you notice any racial representations? If so, what? How are they different from/similar to the more current representations?

● Examine the concept of colorism in the media and society – you can feel free to look outside of the US for your research. Why, if the dangers of such “whiting” products are known, do members of some ethnic communities still use them? What does this behavior have to do with communication and colorism? Provide specific examples and research.

● Choose a country other than the United States. Compare and contrast interracial relationships in this country as compared to the United States. What are the similarities? Differences? Why do you think these differences exist? Bring in specific concepts from our text.

● Examine racism in your own life. How do you feel that your race has impacted your identity and communication? Include one of the models for identity development for your research as well as your own history. Do you feel that your own racial relations are improving/getting worse (be honest); why or why not?