Racial and Ethnic Concepts



1. Racial Domination and thew evolution of Racial Classifications, by Tukufu Zuberi Explain Zuberi’s assPrtion that the social construction of race was used by scientists and others to support political constructions of race. 2. The Social Construction and Institutionalization of Gender and Race: An Intergrative Framework, by Evelyn Nakano Glenn Glenn argues that there are important convergences between the concepts of racial formation and the social construction of gender that allow for the development of a more integrative framework in the study of race and gender. Describe and explain the basics of Glenn’s argument. 3. My Body, My Closet: Invisible Disability and the Limits of Coming-Out Discourse, by Ellen Samuels Based on the article by Samuels, compare the discourses of invisibility and of ‘coming out to the social identities of sexuality and disability. 4. Who Am I? Race, Ethnicity, and Identity, by Hazel Rose Markus Based on Markus’ essay, explain how identity is a combination of how one sees themselves and how others perceive them. 5. Gender and Identity, by Judith A. Howard and Ramira M. Alamilla In the essay by Howard and Alamilla, describe the four views of gender identity. 6. How We Find Ourselves: Identity Development and Two-Spirit People, by Alex Wilson According to Wilson, explain how some gay, lesbian, and bisexual Native Americans identify themselves as “two-spirit people’. 7. ‘I’m an American with a Japanese look’: emerging identities and practices, by Mia Tuan In the essay by Tuan, describe how Asian Americans interpret culture as a dynamic medium. 8. What Does a White Woman Look Like? Racing and Erasing in Law, by Katherine M. Franke According to Franke, explain how the Sunseri vs. Cassagne case illustrate the complicated ways of a constructed social identify. 9. Using Racial and Ethnic Concepts