radiotherapy- proton therapy


radiotherapy- proton therapy

Order Description


Evaluate the use of proton beam therapy in the treatment of cancer


The evaluation report should be 2500 words (max) word processed, using 12 point font and not less than 1.5 line spacing. Pages should be numbered, and the word count
must be declared on both the declaration and title sheets for the printed copy. Declaration and title sheets for the electronic submission are not required. The work
should be referenced as per the faculty guidelines – i.e. Harvard style (Cite them right).

The written report should take the form of a discussion and not be a summary of current evidence.
Your evaluation should include an outline of the principles of proton therapy before considering the application of this technique in the treatment of cancer. The aim
of the evaluation, and areas that will be considered in the main body of the written report should be clearly identified in the introduction. Your main body should
include an evaluation and analysis of evidence. The conclusion should draw your report together with a summary of the key points.

The marking criteria will take into account the content and presentation as outlined:

Content – Proton therapy (80 marks)
• demonstrate an understanding of the principles of proton therapy including the underpinning physics;
• discuss issues relating to the application of this technique in the management of named tumour sites;
• demonstrate the relevance of findings to clinical practice including patient outcomes;
• consideration of the legal, statutory and professional requirements pertaining to the use of proton therapy
• use appropriate sources of evidence to support opinions.


Presentation (20 marks)

• presented in a logical manner, with clarity of expression, and correct spelling and grammar;
• references correctly cited in text and listed.
• Observance of Faculty and School policy guidelines of submission of coursework. Documents can be found on StudySpace – Undergraduate Radiography KURA / Assessments