Raising grandchildren in older age

PowerPoint presentation
This assignment research MUST be related to the 65 and overpopulation from a CANADIAN perspective.
MUST use at least 5 scholarly resources. DO NOT MAKE A COVER PAGE. 1st page: Introduction 2nd so on… There should be a page just for the conclusion. LAST Page must be citations using APA format. Again, the sources must have at least 5 scholarly sources.
Requirements: All concepts are clearly identified and appropriate/relevant to the topic.
Focused research question. Strong evidence of critical thinking. Excellent presentation of scientifically based evidence to provide a clear answer to the research question.
Excellent presentation of original and imaginative ideas. An excellent novel or unique approach is taken. Extremely effective in conveying ideas. No spelling or grammatical errors. Excellent presentation sequence. All required slides are included (i.e.,title page, introduction, and conclusion). Reference list and in-text citations are formatted correctly. 5 or more scholarly sources used.