Rams ethics case study


For this Case study read the articles above regarding the Rams application for relocation and the video article about the Rams being approved to move shown directly above this assignment. The submission should be one to two pages. Double Space. Submit this as a Word document (doc. or docx. file) uploaded into the case submission icon. Always include citations at bottom of page.

Case Questions:

Summarize the main facts of the case.

Who are the stakeholders involved in this case? Be sure to carefully consider and list all possible stakeholders and how they might be impacted.

What ethical issues (if any) are involved in this case?

Has anyone behaved in a way that was unethical? Explain. (Be specific and include all parties who may have behaved unethically and what was unethical in their behavior)

If you were an independent arbitrator evaluating the situation what recommendations would make make? Explain your reasoning

Give a short summary of your analysis.

(include citations: use APA style.)

link to one of the articles