Raper aetaus

Read the Declaration of Independence (http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/documenV) and Common Sense by Thomas Paine (will be provided later). Provide in depth answers to the following questions. Number each answer to correspond with the question. Between 3 -5 pages.
A. What are three of Thomas Paine’s best arguments? Why? (Number your answers Al, A2, A3). 45
B. What ideas did Jefferson plagiarize from John Locke? (discuss at least two Separate phrases and number them 51, B2) 20
C. Why did Jefferson write the declaration/why did the colonies adopt it? (Look to the beginning of the document). What was its purpose? Who was it written to influence? 20
D. What are some of the reasons Jefferson gave for independence (List at least three. (Number them D1, D2, D3. (List the problems he complained of with Great Britain)) 15