Reaction Summary to Video

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Reaction Summary to Video

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view the webchat that has been recorded and turn in a paper based on what you learned from the video as a reaction paper summary.

Here’s the link below to the video:

2.Application of theory- iq testing

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Prepare a recommendations report about your particular point of view regarding whether or not we should test children’s intelligence.

For this assignment, you have just been engaged by a school district to research intelligence testing for middle schoolers. Your task is to research intelligence testing and look for resources to help you understand the history of IQ testing, as well as reasons for and against its use today. Then, complete the following:
• Write a report with recommendations to school administrators about whether or not we should test children’s intelligence.
• Keep in mind that, to make the strongest argument, you need to acknowledge both sides of the IQ testing issue and answer the overriding question: Should we test children’s intelligence at all? The aim of your report should be to inform the administrators of your particular point of view.
• In your report, address the following areas:
o What intelligence tests measure.
o How IQ tests measure intelligence.
o Historical perspective on IQ tests.
o Whether intelligence tests are culturally biased.
o Whether or not your school will be administering intelligence testing and why that decision was made. Provide an explanation of your decision.