. Reading:



1. Reading:


Use your Understanding Research: A Consumer‘s Guide text to complete the following:

Read Chapter 3. “Statements of the Problem: Identifying Why a Study is Important.” pages 79-117.

Read Chapter 4. “Literature Reviews: Examining the Background for a Study.” pages 118-116.

More and more. people rely on the Internet as a primary source of information. However. we know that all Web sites are not
created equal. Anyone can create a Web site. It is important to evaluate who the author is. Be sure to click the “About me” or
About the organization” pages. Many Web sites have a purpose beyond simply providing information. They may be persuasive
in nature. and the authors may attempt to get you to think a certain way or change your beliefs. The authors may also have the
goal of selling you something. Web sites may look very professional and scientific. but they may not actually be backed by good.
reputable research sources. As an informed researcher. it is your job to evaluate a Web site’s quality before relying on its