Real-Time Coaching

Imagine that you have b.n tasked with creating a training and development program for midlevel busin.s managers in an organization. A midlevel manager is defin. as a manager of managers. You have to pre.nt your proposed training program to your supervisor. To do this, you must d.ide on a training model, conduct a ne.s analysis, write 1.rning objectiv., and create the content of the training.
The topic of the training is How to Deliver Real-Time Coaching F.dback and How to Communi.te Unfavorable News to Employees (compensation status chang.). Slides should have a background design. Include short phrases on the slid. while using the not..ction for the detail information. Be sure to include the information below in your PowerPoint pre.ntation.

  1. Discuss your .1.. training proce. model, a. describe why you r.ommend this model. 2. Explain the steps you would have taken to co.uct a needs analysis. 3. State how this training links to the organizational obj.tives. 4. Provide a .mple of two measurable cour. objectiv. (from inp. objectiv. through impact obj.tives). 5. Pr.ent one of the program’s completed modules. For