“real-world” traffic intersection

“real-world” traffic intersection
Paper details:
we are doing project about “real-world” traffic intersection.
I need you to do intro about the project , researches, and analysis for this project. Also if you have brain storm you can write it as note, that will help ”
Please read the project and you know what I need. this paper should be not that long. please include at least Two sources ” references” for the research
Another point. the research should be included Oregon state in u.s ( you will see that in the project detail )
Project Team
Students will work in teams on the project.
· Students are assigned to a team based on the results of the CATME survey.
· Each team will be allocated a D2L discussion forum for online collaboration, as well as a set
of D2L dropboxes for submitting reports and program code.
· Each team should submit single reports which represent the team’s work.
(i.e., there is no need for each team member to submit an individual report)
Each team is expected to function as a cohesive unit with common goals and fair division of
labor. Collaborative effort is a must! While a team member may take on a specialized role within
the team, everyone is expected to understand and be able to explain in detail any part of the
hardware and software design of the project. Having team members working solo without
interaction or discussion and then expecting to integrate everything together at the last minute
is not advisable nor acceptable for this course.
Assume at any time your team could dissolve, and that you may have to complete the project on
your own. Each team member should keep current copies of all the project’s reports, program
code, and any other pertinent documentation. Being unable to continue working on a project
because your partner(s) left the team will not be an acceptable excuse, since it is your
responsibility to make backup copies.
Using peer evaluation, a team member who is judged to be a detrimental to the team’s efforts
can be removed from the team and be either: 1) reassigned to another team of people with
similar issues, or 2) be forced to work on the project by himself or herself.
Peer evaluation will be done using CATME at two points: a) around the time of the Part 1 report
submission, and b) immediately following the project demo. The first evaluation is meant to
identify any problems with the teams, while the second will be used to assign weights to
individual student contributions on the project.
If you are having problems working with your partners, please try to resolve it among yourselves
first. If that is not possible, then talk with the instructor immediately and present your case. Do
not wait until the project is due before making your complaints known!