Recommendations for a training program to better acclimate new employees

How will you set up your report?
What kind of background or historical information will you provide regarding your company, plan, etc.?
Problem Statement
What is the problem you are addressing?
Why is this a problem?
For whom is this a problem?
Purpose Statement
What is your reason for writing this report?
What do you hope to accomplish?
What will be included in your report?
What information will not be included in your report?
Discussion Section
What is the problem (if one exists)?
Why do you care?
Why should your reader care?
What kind of data have you collected to show that a problem/issue exists or that a change is needed?
How have your interviews/surveys helped to back up your specific claims?
Describe any research you have found relating to this issue.
What are several ways to change the situation?
What do experts say is the best way to change the situation?
What do you think will be best? Why?
What kind of budget will be needed?
What kind of timeline should be followed?
Conclusions and Recommendations
What have you learned from this research?
What do you hope others will learn from your report?
What are your final recommendations?
How you will measure the success of these recommendations if implemented?
Appendix and References
What kind of additional data will you need to provide in an appendix?
What kind of sources will you incorporate into your report?
Other Information
What are you most unsure of?
What are you most excited about?
Where do you think you need the most support or feedback?