Reconciliation Agreement Assignment

Reconciliation Agreement Assignment

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Instructions for Reconciliation Agreement Assignment 2015

You are to draft, in executable form and manner necessary to be a valid agreement in your jurisdiction, an agreement between the parties named below. It shall not exceed seven (7) pages in length, represents 15% of your overall course grade, and should be based upon the information provided below.

Please include your student ID number B06442845 and jurisdiction Virginia Beach on your document. You will be graded on accuracy of the information, the overall professionalism of your work, accomplishing the goals of your client, providing that this agreement 1) cut off future contract ability of the parties to bind each other by contract, and 2) remain in place even in the event of reconciliation and cohabitation unless rendered null and void in writing by both the parties.

Elizabeth Easton
318 Warren Place
Virginia Beach (CITY), Virginia Beach (JURISDICTION)
Tel. 352-4335
Children: Sarah, age 16, Eli, age 14

Benjamin Easton
131 Main St., Apt. D
Virginia Beach (CITY), Virginia Beach (JURISDICTION)
Tel. 352-4335

The Eastons were married in your jurisdiction, Virginia Beach, Va on Feb. 14, 1993. They jointly own their beautiful home at 318 Warren Place, valued at $450,000, with a monthly mortgage payment of $2,200, carrying a balance of $320,000. Their two vehicles, an ‘08 Caravan minivan (payment of $300/month) and an ’07 Ford Expedition (without liens), are also both jointly owned. They also hold all their bank accounts jointly, as well as all their debts. They have a minimal checking account, a small savings account of $10,000, and numerous credit card accounts, all with balances of $3,000 each, totaling debt of $15,000.
The husband recently accused the wife, a stay at home mom, of cheating on him with the pool service guy. She has not breached any promise in the marriage, but this accusation has led her to think that her husband has something to hide, and as a result she doesn’t trust him any longer. She has always been suspicious of the female sales associate at his office where he works as a computer software sales manager, making an annual salary of $85,000. They are both very concerned for their children, and want to try to work on this marriage for the best interests of the children. He moved out last week on Jan. 1, 2014. There has been no agreement as to who will pay the household expenses now.

You will be representing the husband. The client has come to you for your knowledge of the law, your bent toward marital reconciliation, and for your expertise in drafting an agreement that will protect him/her and their children while the parties to the marriage live in separate residences for this (hopefully) brief period of time. Your objective is to draft an agreement that will protect your client’s interests, the marriage, and a future reconciliation. Your client is religiously opposed to divorce, but doesn’t trust the spouse. You must, accordingly, draft the agreement on your client’s behalf, to present a document palatable to the opposing side with an eye toward eventual reconciliation of the marriage.