Recording, Analysing and using Human Resources Information

Recording, Analysing and using Human Resources Information

3RAl F2038 (HR)
CIPD Assessment Activity Template

Title at unlfls Recording. Analysing and Using Human Resources information

Unit Nora 3RAI (HR)

Level Foundation – A
Credit value * # , 2
Assessment method “Written

Learning outcomes: 7 7

1. Understand what data needs to be collected to support HR practices.

2. Know how HR data should be recorded. managed and stored.

3. Be able to analyse HR information and present findings to inform decrsionomaking 1

Both actlvltlos should be completed. .“ Assessment,


Activity 1
J Write a report on Data Management which gives at least 2 reasons why organisations 1 1
need to collect HR data, identifying at least 2 types of data to be collected and explain 12

how each supports HR. You should also describe 2 methods of storing records and 2 1

the benefits of each. Give an explanation of 2 essential items of UK legislation relating 2.2

to the recording. storing and accessibility of HR data 1

Activity 2 l

Identity an area of HR data that you will investigate. (such as absence data. records or

new starters or leavers. performance appraisal statistics). the time period you intend to

investigate and the part at the organisation you will focus on. Anatyse this data to 31

identify any trends, patterns. causes and present your findings in a written statement 32

with releirant supporting documents (for example. spreadsheets. tables. graphs or

charts) to illustrate your analysis. I»

f ‘ I

F Evidence to be produced ‘ a

Activity 1:

Report of approximately 750 words.

Activity 2:

Written statement of findings (at approximately 250 words) with supporting documents