Records Managment – Recordkeeping Strategy

A new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has been appointed to lead the department through a period change. In addition to responding to the requirement to generate income, she wants to focus on introducing new systems, processes and ways of working to take DSMS through the 21st century. As part of this renewal process you have been appointed as the Manager, Corporate Information. You are charged with the responsibility of leading the development and establishment of a records and information management program appropriate to the department’s new direction.

The CEO has asked you to write a report on the ways in which the records and information management program needs to be developed to best meet the strategic directions and business outcomes of the department. The CEO wants to know how to get a better return on the investment in the EDRMS and what needs to be done about managing the business systems and new technologies from a recordkeeping perspective. While she is supportive of the value of recordkeeping, some other members of the corporate executive are less convinced. Limited additional funds are available for any resources and projects.