Recruitment, Selection and Performance Management

A small nonprofit is replacing a marketing
coordinator that is leaving their organization. Help them in the
recruitment and selection process. Do a proper job analysis of the position to ensure your
recruitment and selection process is grounded in best practice.
Explain to the CEO of the nonprofit why taking the time to
do a proper job analysis is important.
Describe in great detail what process you will use to
conduct the job analysis. Provide a rationale about
why you’ve selected certain actions over others.

Figure 5.1 summarizes the components of individual work performance.
Using the job description on page 116 of your textbook for the CIBC
customer service representative (CSR), please answer the following
Provide 3 specific examples relating to the CIBC customer service
job for each of the 4 categories (job task behaviors, contextual
behaviors, adaptive behaviors and counterproductive behaviors)

Create a performance appraisal form for the CIBC CSR role.
You will need to create the form and provide rationale for
why you selected the components you did.

Now that you’ve done the job analysis for the marketing coordinator
position at the nonprofit, you have a job posting ready to go. Outline the recruitment strategy you will use to find candidates.