Recruitment & Selection Plan

Develop a Recruitment & Selection Plan to staff any one (1) of the following five positions:
– Manager of Labour Relations, Athabasca University, Athabasca, AB
– Emergency Nurse, St. Mary’s Hospital, Camrose, AB
– Heavy Duty Mechanic, CNRL, Fort MacMurray, AB
– Pastor, Anglican Church, Edson, AB
– Social Worker, Muskwacis First Nation, AB
– Instructor-Accounting, Lakeland College, Vermillion/Lloydminster, AB

1. Using whatever sources you prefer (such as the NOC or O-NET web resources, among others), and your textbook and notes as a guide, draft a proper job description with job specifications for one of these positions

2. What factors will influence your recruitment strategies? Identify and justify three ideal recruiting methods to attract qualified applicants for this particular vacancy. You should be able to describe the recruiting methods in sufficient detail so that the hiring manager would know what to expect. The recruitment strategy should also reflect the organization’s fiscal constraints, as applicable.

3. Design an online advertisement (for a job board). Make sure that the advertisement clearly identifies the position requirements, the value proposition to applicants (selling potential applicants on why they want to work at that organization), and the next steps for the applicant.
4. Identify and list the four most important skills, knowledge, and abilities (SKAs) that you are going to explore during the interview process (NOTE: the knowledge, skills and abilities chosen MUST BE PRESENT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION).

5. Develop six interview questions that could be used to explore the SKAs listed in question 4. For each question, clearly identify the skill, knowledge or ability that you are attempting to assess. At least two of the questions must be behavioural, and two must be situational.