Referenced essay


Assessment Type: Referenced essay Word Limit: 2,000 Details: Hospitality and Tourism venues face major challenges in the future regarding the management of Human Resources. (Focus on Australian Market) In particular writers highlight the “war for talent” which can affect initiatives and policies taken with regard to the attraction and retention of key personnel. Discuss these major challenges together with an analysis of appropriate approaches in order to ensure business success. Note: This paper will be subjected to turnitin, a plagiarism checking site and any paper with more than 20% similarity not including the reference list will not be graded in accordance with Institute policy. This assessment is to be presented in a referenced essay format and use the APA referencing system, introduction and conclusion are relatively faultless in that they are of academic publication standard. Evidence of careful editing – is concise yet contains all necessary information. Structure: clever and acceptable as academic publication. writing style is highly engaging and professional in choice of words and expression. Arguments are put clearly and concisely and in logical order. This body would be acceptable for academic publication with very minimal revision. Excellent “strategy” discussion. articles as a result of research, while extensive, have been well chosen and applied in consideration to the topic under discussion. References with opposing views have been used.