reflection in action within an educational setting

reflection in action within an educational setting

Paper details:

Each learning outcome provided in this paper details must have 2 or more sources and reasons expanded into an essay
learning outcome 1: Negotiate, either achieved or planned learning outcomes and other study achievements compatible to their professional development and professional practice, and appropriate to the level of study

learning outcome 2: Draw up and implement a project learning contract proposal which identifies and potentially validates the learning outcomes

learning outcome 3: Describe an already achieved project or learning experience that demonstrates the achievement of the learning outcomes.
learning outcome 4: Reflect upon experiential learning from past or current practice or from investigation findings

learning outcome 5: Identify ways in which the study helped/can help to inform and improve professional practice.
use the sources provided in the material uploaded and when it comes to Learning outcome 2, look for a source to go with the child struggling with friendship issue in year 8 secondary and behavioural problem, the sources must match the problem the child is learning through along with learning outcome 2

Point – Evidence – Evaluate (Introduce) (Support) (Indicate significance to the question and LO)