Reflection on family


As you reflect on your own family, compose an essay consisting of three sections. follow the following structure as you compose your essay.
ABC-X Family Stress Model
Section 1: Describe a stressor that has caused change in your family system. What happened? Why was this a stressor for your family? Was this a developmental or unpredictable stressor? How did your
family manage the stress created by this stressor? How was communication salient during this time?
Section 2: How does your family’s experience fit into Boss’ ABC-X Family Stress model? What was the event? What resources did your family have to cope with the change? How did your family percieve
the change? And what was the degree of stress experienced in your family system? Overall, how well does the ABC-X model describe your family’s situation?
Section 3: We have covered a number of theoretical perspectives on family life. Think back to the other theories you have learned about in the past 7 weeks, and select one that best describes and
explains your family’s experience.(Role Theory) “These intrapersonal role conflicts that are role conflicts happen within a particular person.” In this section, you should give a brief summary of
this theory, explain why it is useful for examining your family’s situation, and close with some thoughts on the utility of using family communication theory to reflect on your own experiences.