Reflection on Personal History with Reading


Use the following questions as a guide to create a narrative about your own relationship and
experience with reading. The questions are not necessarily presented in the order the information
should be presented. For this assignment, the narrative should be written in the first person, and
have headings and sub headings to organize the narrative.

The questions:
 What age were you when you began to read? Who taught you to read?
 Who did you see in your family reading? Were there books, magazines, and newspapers
in your home – please describe and explain.
 Did the people in your life read to you, if so, who? Explain the circumstances (i.e. school,
bedtime, etc.)
 What was the role of teacher, schools, other organizations, and family members in
establishing how you feel about reading and the written word?
 What was the first book that you remember reading for pleasure and what has been the
last book? How do you choose books are other reading materials? Has technology
changed how and what you read? Explain.
 Most schools require students to read books that are considered to be “classics”. What
books do you remember that you were required to read and discuss your evaluation of
these books?
 Did you identify with the characters of any books that you were required to read in
school? Explain your answer. Of the reading material that you chose to read on your
own – did you identify with any of the characters and/or the story or meaning of the
material? Explain.
 What reading materials have you identified in which you believed the material was
 How would you describe your current relationship with reading?