Reflection on Professional Practice


Reflection on Professional Practice

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use Gibbs model of reflection to create a reflective account on my time working at an Opticians. The 6 areas that need to be covered on the assignment brief must be paired or linked together to create 3 case studies as such:

*’Professional conduct and development’ with ‘Dealing with patient concerns’
*’Communication within an Ophthalmic practice’ with ‘paediatric dispensing’
*’Considering the patients hobbies and lifestyle’ with ‘Dispensing complex prescriptions’

Make up three situations for these case studies that I went through during my time working in an optical practice but make sure the criteria is covered e.g. Talking about how I ‘dispensed to a paediatric patients’ and ‘dispensing complex prescriptions’

Make sure to talk about the case studies in detail as well as my time in practice.

Do not go above 2200 words please