Reflection on the Team Project


Reflection on the Team Project

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Assignment Details: Reflection on the Team Project
Write a 500-750-word reflection on your team project that addresses the following:
1. Assess the overall effectiveness of your team. How did the team’s dynamics contribute to both the success and the challenges of creating an implementation plan for your innovation?

2. Assess the overall effectiveness of the model your team selected (Lean Start-Up approach with added support from the Mental model and NOMMAR methods) to both choose and implement your innovation. What were its strengths and weaknesses?

3. What would you have done differently if you were working on the project independently? What other potential strategies might be more effective for bringing this particular innovation (ProPixel is a video sharing website that combines the benefits of many of the leading educational video sharing sites today such as YouTube, Khan Academy, Tree House, and so forth without their drawbacks. This innovation provides and connects professionals, knowledge and information to people so they can continually improve their lives through an innovative, web-based, video sharing platform like no other.) to fruition in your opinion?

4. Overall, do you think teams contribute to or hinder innovative thinking and processes? Why?