Reflection & Portfolio

Reflection & Portfolio


The purpose of this final assignment is to get you to think critically about the writing you have produced this semester. If we do not reflect on our achievements and
disappointments it is difficult to grow as writers. You have made it through WAC 107! Now it’s time to reflect on your progress.


To wrap-up the semester, you must create an e-Portfolio to showcase your work. You will need to include a “Welcome” page, an “About Me” page, and final copies of all
of your Projects. Next, you should write a final reflection that discusses your journey this semester and your achievements. You should discuss your growth as a
writer, your writing process for each project, and your goals for the future.


Read through each of your three major projects of the semester again, and consider my comments on the first two.


Your final reflection should be 1-2 pages, have 1-inch margins, and be printed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. It should be posted to the “Final Reflection” section of
your Digication portfolio and the “Projects” section of Bb.


Your Final Reflection & Portfolio is worth 10% of your semester grade. I expect your essay to meet the page length and formatting requirements; contain proper
grammar, spelling, and punctuation; and exhibit thoughtful reflection on your progress this semester. I expect your e-Portfolio to look professional and finalized.