reflective paper

reflective paper

Your final assignment is what has become known as a reflective paper. If you go back a unit or two, you’ll be reminded that the Baldrige Process uses self-assessment as a primary tool for gaining insight into not only what you (or your organization) have done but what you’re doing and how will you change and improve. It’s a powerful tool and is the basis for many quality initiatives today, including those used by our business school accrediting body, the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and our university’s regional accrediting authority, the New England Assocaition of Schools and Colleges (NEASC.)

Therefore in lieu of an exam or test you’re being asked to compose a reflective paper. In this exercise, you should cover the requirements in a thoughtful, measured way.Think about what you have learned or maybe about what you wished you had learned but didn’t. This is to be the work of a developing scholar and practitioner of quality systems and apporaches to thinking about academics, business, organization, self, etc. It’s a serious work of self-assessment in the Baldrige tradition.

I’m including two items for your use in preparing the paper. The first is a discussion of “Reflective Practice” by Professor C.T. Dickel of Creighton University. Read his paper before attempting to write yours:

Types_of_REFLECTION_Defined_-_Dickel _2_.pdf

As we have stated, self assessment is a critical component of the Baldrige process. Accordingly, this assignment will require you to engage in a reflective process and allow you to develop and articulate your own thoughts on the concept of “quality”, the Baldrige principles, organizational issues, personal and organzational learning and other important features discussed in the course.

Your paper should cover the issues above, address your learning experience in the course and identify areas of your greatest (or least if necessary) development or understanding. A well developed paper will make reference to the Baldrige principles in a coherent and thoughtful way, introduce new thinking if appropriate and show an understanding of the course materials and their application in any organizational or personal environment.

As always, length does not matter;quality does. Show a depth of thought and consideration worthy of a course in quality systems. Write clearly and in a gramatically correct manner. Remember, clarity of presentation goes a long way in enhancing the credibility of the presentation.

Please consider this paper as an exercise in academic writing. Make every effort to conform to the standards of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5thor 6th Edition.

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