Reflective Review about myself

Reflective Review about myself

Assessment Strategy
To give you an opportunity to truly consider the value of personal development planning in the academic context the assessment strategy is focused on development of

reflective writing skills. Reflective practice and in particular reflective writing is key to personal development planning and combined with the review of

employability skills can form a powerful tool in this process. Thus, the formative assessment will provide you with a platform to try out this process by developing a

draft reflective review. Through feedback you are able to build upon this experience and develop greater confidence in the process in order to submit the summative

final version of the reflective review. The key to this assessment strategy lies in the positioning of the module itself which is at the mid-point of your studies and

right after you have made your final commitment to your pathway choice, Thus, the assessment offers an opportunity to consider much more holistically the relationship

between your academic and vocational experiences to date and your employability skills whilst building towards a future professional portfolio through personal

Assessment Methods Formative Assessment Draft reflective review (individual submission) 300 words only. Due Week 4, Friday 10 October 2014. Via BB 23:59
To give you an opportunity to develop and hone your skills of reflective writing you are asked to produce a brief draft reflective review which covers two key aspects

of your summative submission, that of your pathway choice and employability skills. As the summative assessment is a single individual piece of independent writing,

which is based on a record and reflection upon your vocational and academic experience and will aim to demonstrate acquisition and further development of the relevant

skills, the draft allows you to practice how to generate a reflective narrative and gain feedback in order to improve the final submission.
You are asked to generate an abstract of your reflective review that indicates the following information:
• What is your pathway choice and how it enables you to develop your employability skills • Brief description of one Regent’s academic example supported by reasons for

the choice and fit with employability skills • Brief description of one vocational example with an explanation of the choice and ways in which it demonstrates your

employability skills • What do you hope to learn about yourself out of this reflective review exercise?
You need to consider that this is a brief piece of writing, so you need to be succinct. You will be given feedback on your draft that should guide you toward the final

Summative Assessment Reflective Review: 100% TMM (individual submission) 2,500-word essay. Due Week 10 Friday 21 November 2014. 23:59 Via BB
See assessment criteria
You areassessed through a single individual piece of independent writing drawn from reflections as to your vocational and academic experience aiming to demonstrate

acquisition and further development of the relevant skills. Through reflecting on your Regent’s academic experiences as well as internships and other external

activities you are given an opportunity to consider your achievements to date, but also to generate a narrative that allows you to reflect how far you have come and

what additional skills or achievements and experience you need to build upon to develop a professional profile. This reflective report becomes a ‘record of

achievement’ showcasing your professional profile obtained both in and out of the classroom.


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