Reflective review of PMBOK knowledge areas

Part 1: Experiential Knowledge
Report the experiential learning points gained from experience during the PMIP unit, including a brief description of the specific context from which the learning emerged. For example, learning might be gained from challenges encountered, significant events, aspects of practice that were found to work well or failed to deliver the expected outcomes.
Part 2: Literature Review:
– Conduct a light touch review of the project management literature relating to the experiential learning points. (550 words)

– Compare the findings of the literature review with experiential learning points describing the similarities/differences and explaining why these similarities/difference might exist. (100 words)
 Literature Review should contain several points (Headings and Sub-headings)
Part 3: Improvements for future practice: (100 words)
With these similarities and differences between the literature and experience during the PMIP identified, the student should then reflect further and report how they will use this new knowledge to improve their future practice of project management.