Registered Nursing Career/Major

Registered Nursing Career/Major
Order Description
A 5-page final presentation research paper on our major of study/career intended.
*Introduction- descriptive paragraph about myself/my goals and values/why I decided to pursue higher education (Currently attending Suffolk County Community College, majoring in liberal arts, looking to take all the prerequisites to enter the nursing program there, earn at least 2 year degree, work for stonybrook hospital)
*Discuss the major of nursing, why you chose it, are you certain, is it the right time to declare a major?
*Have a conversation with a professional in the field, give insight to their advice
*Requirements of the major, types of courses required at Suffolk county community college for associates degree, how to become a registered nurse
*Discuss the difficulty in your major, job outlook, pros and cons of the career and major(3 examples of each), does your degree require further than a bachelor’s?
*Career relation, what types of careers available in your major, list possible careers with registered nursing, how can you go about getting a job, what type of salary is involved
*Did you learn anything about your major of study/career outlook?