Relationship to the idea of “responsibility.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Relationship to the idea of “responsibility.

Write a personal essay describing your relationship to the idea of “responsibility.
a) What does it mean to be a responsible human being?

b) What do you feel responsible for in your life?

c) In what ways does your sense of responsibility extend to issues outside of your own immediate environment (eg: beyond family or school)?

What are the kinds of things you take seriously?

2. Level of analysis

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1. Organise these levels in terms of levels and give a practical example of each in terms of International Business: individual, global, national, organisational
2. What do they mean when it’s said: “Just because a person from Japan is rich, doesn’t mean that Japan is a rich country”? What’s the difference between macro and micro level of analysis?
3. How likely is it that another economic crisis will happen according to Luyendijk? Why?

3. Heutagogy

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• Create a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with appropriate, refined, and well-developed answers regarding heutagogical learning to be used as talking points in the workshop. Be sure to
consider your audience and its interests.
• Prepare your FAQs to address the similarities and differences between heutagogy and widely-known concepts of self-directed learning. You should also address the relationship between the concept
of heutagogy and constructivist learning theories.
• Address the acceptance of the term heutagogy among scholars and its secondary use in educational and training literature. Is this a widely-known and accepted term and a well-differentiated
concept or theory?