Religions, religiosity, and/or elements of religion(s).

Write a thoughtful essay on one or more of the following topics: religions, religious changes, religious thoughts and philosophies, religious mores and norms, religious literature, sacred places of worship or meditation, religious art(s), religious music, religious dance, religious expression, religious gender role constructs, religious cultures, history of religion, and/or religious institutions from the third century CE to 1000 CE. Of course, you must consider medieval western Catholic Christianity, or elements related to it, in your essay. Your essay should also
include the following elements:

  1. A geographical comparison consisting of either Rome vís a vís other areas of Europe, or Roman Europe vís a vís other regions of the world. In your discussion, compare and contrast your two geographical places in relation to your selected topic(s). Consider either Rome and Europe, or Rome and the world.
  2. Consider and write about your topic(s) in relation to applicable political and social contexts, depending on the regions.
  3. If you consider only Rome and Europe, be sure to include elements or expressions of pre- Christian Celtic and/or Celtic Christian religion in your essay.
  4. If you consider the world outside of Europe, be sure to include elements or expressions of Hinduism and Buddhism in your essay.
  5. If you choose gender, be sure to describe the way(s) in which religion affected, or was affected by, gendered changes over time.
  6. If you choose literature, be sure to include formation of the western Christian canon that has become known as the Bible.
  7. If you choose thought and philosophy, be sure to include formation of western Catholic Christian thought and philosophy.