Religious pluralism and religious exclusivism

Prepare an AS/CR comparing and contrasting John Hick’s “Religious Pluralism and Ultimate Reality” and Alvin Plantinga’s “Pluralism: A Defense of Religious Exclusivism” (link to the Plantinga article is in your syllabus for Week 4)
In order to do this assignment, you need to summarize both arguments in the AS portion of the assignment in 100 words for Hick and 100 words for Plantinga (10% variance still applies).
Then, for the CR, you will need to say if you agree with either Hick or with Plantinga, or neither, and you must then provide thoughtful, logical, good reasons for your position (as discussed in the Grading Rubric), and you must do this in 100 words or less. So, you might start the CR portion of the assignment by making a clear statement such as,
“After comparing and contrasting Hick and Plantinga, I find that I agree or disagree with Hick/Plantinga/ or neither, for the following reasons.” Then, state your reasons as economically as possible in 1., 2., 3. order. So, your CR would look very similar to this format: