Remaking the World after the First World War

Compare two historians’ arguments assessing the actions of the three main
peacemakers at Versailles. As you will see, David A. Andelman and Margaret Macmillan judge the actions
of the peacemakers very differently. To complete this assessment you must respond to the following
Should we condemn the peacemakers of 1919 for producing a peace settlement that failed to prevent
future conflicts, including the Second World War?
In answering this question you need to explain Andelman’s and Macmillan’s different arguments and take
a view on whose argument you find more persuasive. You will need to justify your position by examining
the reasoning and evidence Andelman and Macmillan each provide.
The piece by Alan Sharp should assist you in clarifying the differences between Andelman and Macmillan,
but it is not necessary to go beyond these three readings to complete the essay. Please note especially
that you are not to use internet resources unless accessed through the Deakin Library website.
Your historiographical exercise must take the format of a short essay. You must footnote your essay
using the Oxford referencing system. This is the subject of your first quiz, which needs to be completed
before submitting this essay.

You must include a bibliography at the end of your essay, listing alphabetically all the sources you have