Reminiscence Therapy


Reminiscence Therapy for Neurocognitive Disorder

Is the identified psychotherapy modality applicable to use with older adult patients who have neurocognitive symptoms or a disorder with neurocognitive symptom presentation? Why? Would this type of psychotherapy be more beneficial for a patient with another clinical presentation? If so, what type of patient might be better suited for this type of therapy?
Discuss the importance of helping patients to manage neurocognitive symptoms using non-pharmacological psychotherapeutic techniques such as psychotherapy and the potential complications that exist if these symptoms are is not well managed.
Identify one medication that can be prescribed in the treatment of neurocognitive symptoms. Provide a rationale for why you selected this medication. Note how the drug is metabolized, excreted, and the mechanism of action. Also, note side effects and the starting dose and then dosing range for the medication identified.