Renewable energy business idea – Deploying solar panels for energy in Africa

Outline the following:

  1. Problems that would be solved by deploying solar farms in Southern Africa and specify the target market and who would most likely buy them.
  2. Describe how the deployment of solar panels could be carried out
  3. Outline 3 problems that solar panels would solve
  4. List key metrics of the activities you would measure
  5. What unfair advantage one could have by venturing into renewable energy in Africa
  6. How could one reach customers in this market
  7. What costs would be involved (specific amounts not required as such but listing the various items that would require capital). If there are ball park figures found through research, those can be added but not a prerequisite
  8. How good could the profit margins be in this business? Examples can be provided from any market/region
  9. What could one employ/do to differentiate themselves from existing solar energy providers in Africa?
  10. What possible revenue streams are available on the market for renewable energy start ups?
  11. What approvals or permits will one need to deploy solar panels/farms in Southern Africa (this can be for one specific country and not entire Southern Africa)