Research about “Whole Foods”

Chose company “Whole Foods” as a topic

a. What does the company do? (i.e. what does it produce, and what is its business model) (5%)
b. What is the nature of its industry? (4%)
c. How active is the company in relation to national and international politics? If it is not active,
how could it be more active? (4%)
d. What is the marketing strategy for the company? (4%)
e. What is the operations and/or human resources strategy at the company? (4%)
f. How do you think that changing demographics and AI affect the future of its industry? (5%)
g. Would you like to work at this company? Why or why not? Defend your opinion. (4%)
This report will be collected via Qualtrics online at the end of the semester. I do not accept email submission.