Research Activity 1: Music Video Content Analysis


Create a research question, set up methods and coding categories, and then test your methods out by watching and analyzing 5-6 music videos.

Write up your results in a Word document. The document should be less than 2 double-spaced pages in length.

1. What’s your research question?

Write this at the top of your first page. Consider using the model "I am studying X in order to better understand Y," where X is the body of videos you’re sampling from, and Y is the issue/feature you’re trying to observe and draw conclusions about.

2. What are your methods?

Answer all of the following questions in a concise paragraph:

What platform(s) will you use to find videos?
How will you create your sample? (Note: for this activity, you’ll choose 5-6 videos.)
What coding categories will you include, and how will you define each category?
What procedure will you follow to watch and take notes on the videos?
What rules of analysis will you create?
3. What are your results?

Report them in table form (use Word’s table feature). Each coding category will have a column heading, and each video will have its own row (and a corresponding row heading).
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