Research Analysis

There are two components to this assignment.
1) You will select an idea and bring a one-paragraph outline and three sources for this assignment to class on June 13., the day of the academic writing workshop (5%) 2) You will submit the 2000-word essay via Moodie on Friday, June 21 by 11:59 pm. It must be typed and double-spaced (15%).
There are three options for the essay-writing assignment. You will choose ONE of the following options for your essay.
1) Pick one aspect of cities that we have studied in this class. This can be something specific: For example waterfronts, density, transit, gentrification, or public space — or it can be a concept, such as urban ecology (green spaces) or urban inequality. Compare and contrast this aspect of Vancouver and one other city of your choice, that you know well, anywhere in the world. Pick at least three newspaper articles (from reputable sources) to use as evidence for your argument.
2) Write a research paper using academic and/or other sources, correctly sourced and cited, about an urban issue that we have studied in class.
3) Calling all future urban planners: Identify one issue in your local urban environment (e.g. a specific issue with transit, zoning, urban space etc). Write a fully documented report about this issue using various sources (e.g. newspaper articles, etc). Include a set of recommendations backed by the literature and properly sourced and cited. You may also present your proposal to the class in the last week of class.