Research criminology and crime prevention for application to practice within justice environments

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Compile statistics on the occurrence of this crime within Victoria and/or whole of Australia and some comparison with international statistics. • Explain how statistics are gathered and outline whether there are differences between self-report victim survey statistics and official statistics for the crime. Explain any differences. If you cannot locate relevant self-report victim survey statistics, discuss what you think the differences may be. 3. Reporting 250 words each point or so • Describe some of the social and organisational factors (eg. social pressure, policing and court approaches, processes and cultures) you believe affect accurate reporting of crime (for your chosen crime, but also on crime in general). • Consider factors of race/ethnicity, age, gender and any other cultural identification and discuss how they may correlate with under-reporting of crimes. • Why do you think these reporting problems exist? How could they be addressed? 5. Offender rehabilitation 250 -500 words • Investigate and evaluate two offender rehabilitation programs relevant to this crime (if you can only find one, then include another program relevant to a different crime). 6. Policy and prevention 250-500 words • Outline and discuss the resource or funding limitations in preventing and managing this crime. • What are your recommendation for prevention, management and rehabilitation in relation to this crime?