Research Customer Relationship Management System/Software

Research Customer Relationship Management System/Software

Your manager has asked you to conduct some reserch on customer Relationship management (CRM) system/software for the purpose of managing customer services better.The organisation does not currently have a customer data base and has a paper based customer record system.You have three sites and customer files are kept on the site where the first contact was made with the customer(either in person or over the phone).Customers can however visit any of your three sites at any time.There are three customer services officers and one customer service supervisor at each site.There is one customer service manager who has an executive assistance.There are two account officers who are responsible for invorcing and processing payments of customer account.the organisation does not currently conduct any market reserch and wants to introduce customer surveys,targeted sales campaigns and send regular product newsletters to current customers.present a report and include the following information:

– Select two CRM software programs and highlight features,benefits and cost of each.

– Recommend which system you think has the best features and is the best value for money.

– Explain what the customer data can be captured and managed by the system you are recommending.

– Explain what reports and customer data the system can produce and how these can be used to analyse and manage customer information.

– Provide details of how you think the system will enable the organisation to provide quality products and services to the customer.

– provide details of how many licences you think the organisation needs to purchase and explain who you think should use and access the system in order to carry out their duties more efficiently.